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Back to good health

It’s been just over a week since Diego had his teeth filed, and there was a point where I thought he wouldn’t recover from the operation. But little by little he has returned to his usual habits like bathing, running on his wheel and interacting with us again. However it was his refusal to eat in the first day or so that concerned me the most. We eventually managed to coax him into eating with his favourite treats - Rice Crispies and oats softened with water. We literally had to put them under his nose, as he had no interest in visiting his food bowl.

I was also contacted by a follower of our Facebook page this week, who was also concerned about her degus weight loss following surgery. I directed her to the amazing Degus International site where there is a recipe for recovery balls and recovery mix. These are made using critical care formula which my vet had recommended. Apparently it’s not that palatable for degus, and I didn’t like the idea of force feeding this, so I thought this recipe of making treats from it was genius, especially with the addition of peanut butter and herbs. You can buy the critical care formula at Amazon and most vets.

Diego had lost a lot of weight prior to his operation and I’m keen to build him up again, so I might just have to give these recipes a go this week.

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