Feeding youR Degu - What do degus eat?

A degu’s diet is not complicated, however as with all animals some things need to be avoided. The main thing a degu should not have is sugar. They are prone to diabetes and cannot eat sugar, even in the form of fruit. An occasional piece of fruit as a treat, maybe once a month is OK. We feed the hulled heads of strawberries complete with leaves, as a very occasional treat.

To ensure your degu gets all the right vitamins and minerals, you should give 10 grams, which is around a shot glass of hard feed/pellets per degu per day. We like  Supreme Petfoods science selective Degu. These brands also have the right level of calcium and phosphorus, which is very important for the degus kidney health. Do not give hard feed freely as the degu may choose to eat only this, and miss out on the other important component of their diet, which is Hay.

Good quality hay such as Supreme Science Timothy Hay should be fed daily. Not only does it provide essential roughage, but it also helps to keep the teeth from over growing.


We also feed seeds and the occasional nut to our degus, but these need to be restricted as they can cannot tolerate high levels of fat and protein.


Degus should also have some fresh food. Avoid vegetables high in sugar like carrot, peas, tomatoes and corn. In the winter we give slivers of butternut squash, small pieces of broccoli, radish, peppers and rosemary sprigs. We also feed a selection of dried herbs, leaves and flowers that we forage over the summer.


During the summer months, we forage for a variety of plants. Some are fed fresh, and some are dried to use over the winter. Please be aware that not all foraged plants, leaves and grasses are suitable for degus, and some are potentially fatal. For more information on this, visit the Degus International Community, where there is a database of plants found all over Europe that are suitable for degus.

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