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If today was an episode in a cult TV series then it would definitely be called 'Teeth'. Today I had to get dental treatment for my husband, daughter and Degu, and work a full time job round it all. The husband and daughter will be fine, but Diego, is a bit more complicated. The vet told me today that he has teeth spurs in the back of his mouth and they are painful and preventing him eating. If left he will starve to death, so the only options are to either have him put to sleep or operate tomorrow and possibly a few times more to try and stop the spurs growing. My husband misheard the vet say £70 - £100 per treatment, and thought he said £1700. He nearly fell to the floor when I said, without hesitation to go ahead. That said, I don't think you can put a price on saving a pets life, and I don't consider my degu any less deserving of treatment than a cat or dog. So little Diego is back tomorrow morning for his op. He might not survive surgery. but he might, and they might just fix him and he might be OK.

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