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Your degu will need some other essential for their cage, a water bottle, somewhere to sleep and some shelves and levels to keep them entertained. There are lots of things you can make for your degu (see our video on how to make a no sew hammock) and also inexpensive items that you can introduce. Our degus like to sit on terracotta plant pots which you can buy from most garden centres and DIY stores. Cardboard tubes and boxes are also great fun for your degu to play with and chew, but just avoid anything that is heavily printed, plain brown cardboard works well with our degus. When it comes to nesting and sleeping Degus have quite individual tastes. Some of our like to sleep in fleece hammocks, others prefer to make their own next from hay and a bit of paper. They have never really took to sleeping in wooden houses or reed houses, and would much rather destroy them, than call them home! Sand baths are a must, and again a metal one is best for durability.

Tried & Tested - Tic Tac Wheels

We bought two Tic Tac degu wheels over a year ago after seeing a few recommendations on forums. They really are superb quality. They're strong, silent and don't have any parts or bars that could trap or injure your degu. They cost a few pounds more than the plastic ones, but with care, I think these will last a lifetime. We opted for the 10" diameter wheel with a 5" depth and our degus love them. You can even add an odometer to them to see how far your degu has run!
Buy direct from Tic Tac wheels
Living World Green Water Bottle, 769 ml

This is the bottle we use for our degus. Its made of thick glass and metal so wont get chewed up. It has a flat back so you can attach it snugly to the cage.

Vogue Stainless Steel 1/2 Gastronorm Pan 100mm GN 1/2. 100mm deep. 6.2 litre capacity

Designed for commercial kitchen use, these 100mm deep metal pans are perfect for filling with dusting sand for your Degu's bath. 

Supreme Science Bathing Sand

Degus keep themselves clean with regular sandbaths, but make sure you use one specially for the job like this. 

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