Degu Cages

The bigger the better! Degus like lots of room to run and jump, and the size and layout of your degu cage will encourage this. Stick to metal, because degus like chewing wood and plastic. The cage bars should be no more than 2cm apart if you want to stop them escaping. For the health and safety of the degu, floors, ladders, shelves and wheels should be of solid construction, not bars. 

Degu cage
Little Zoo Flight Cage

This is one of the cages we currently use and it serves us well. It has two big doors, easy to clean and provides two wooden levels, although there's lots of scope to add more shelves. There is a wire mesh insert in the base which can be removed or covered with ceramic tiles to protect your goos feet. The bottom tray will also let some of the wood shavings out as its not very deep. I love how this cage has a stand and wheels , great for moving around and for keeping your goos at eye level.

Degu cage
MidWest Critter Nation Animal Habitat with Stand

This is a massive cage, but it is available as a single story too.Its great to see the happy feet ramp covers to protect your degus feet, plus the full width double doors make cleaning and maintenance much easier. As with most cages of this size, it comes flat-packed, so you might want to get someone to help putting it together.

Degu cage
LITTLE FRIENDS Triple Cage on Stand


Degu Cage
Savic Suite Royale

This is a very impressive cage. What's really great is that the cage comes with very deep trays, which is going to mean a lot less poop and mess on your floor. Its designed for small rodents but you will need to change the ladders to wood to help protect your degus feet. This is'y a cheap cage but it really is one of the best. The huge fully opening doors are awesome too.


Degu cage buying tips..

There is a bewildering array of degu cages available, so I hope the ones we have highlighted give you an idea of what to look for. There appear to be few cages on the market specifically for Degus, so just shop around and follow these key points - 

  • Bar should be no more than 2cm apart

  • Metal construction, not plastic

  • Mesh floors and ladders will need to be replaced or covered to avoid foot injury

  • A deep bottom tray that will contain poop, woodshavings and hay

  • Easy access for cleaning

Degu Cages - Buy or Make?

If your considering buying a degu cage or upgrading your current degu cage then read on....

There are a bewildering array of degu cages for sale these days, and when we came to purchase our first degu cage it became apparent that there isn't  an off the shelf cage that's specifically designed for degus. What is worrying though, is that many cages for sale describe themselves as suitable for Degus, when clearly they are not. Inappropriate sizes and materials could cost your degus life, so its worth researching degu cages thoroughly before buying.  We've took some of the hard work out of it for you and narrowed down some suitable ones you can buy on Amazon on our degu cages page. However many people choose to construct their own degu cage, and there's lots of examples of this on the web. But, if like us you don't want to get into designing your own degu cage, you might like to look at the made to measure degu cages supplied by John Hopewell in the UK. Best of all, John's degu cages are supplied assembled, and as anyone who has put together a flat pack cage will tell you, it isn't always straightforward. You can visit John Hopewells cage page here. We are not an affiliate of John's product, but we just like the look of his handcrafted degu cages.